Monday, 9 April 2007


It's a holiday weekend both sides of the Atlantic - so I'm relaxing by indulging in a little bit of reading and watching DVDs. The subject - the settlement of Jamestown, which occured 400 years ago.

First of all I watched the episode in Alistair Cooke's excellent history of America. As well as pointing out the significance of Jamestown as the first permanent European settlement in America - he drew attention to the fact that a few years later, the first representative body in America, the House of Burgesses of Virginia, met in the church.

There's a lot of information on the internet. Of course the main site is http://www.jamestown2007.org/. I was very interested to read of the conference which will be held this week on the "Rule of Law" - http://ruleoflaw.richmond.edu/ This will bring together British and American lawyers to discuss a most important topic.

We'll be celebrating the anniversary in England too - for further details visit http://www.beginyouradventure.co.uk/

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